Newly emergeant La Chonchita butterfly, photographed just this past February.
Milkweed plants make seeds surrounded by whispy material, which allow them to float to new locations.
A nice fat caterpillar. Can you tell which end is which?
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It's Easy! It's Educational! It's FUN!

Growing your own butterflies in La Conchita is simple — we have the perfect environment for them year-‘round. All they need is a Milkweed plant to live in and feed off of.

The La Conchita Butterfly Club has now obtained ten-inch tall Milkweed plants in one-gallon pots and would like everyone in La Conchita to purchase three plants for $20.00.

We will come out and install them in temporary pots or transplant them for you into your permanent pots, and show you how to care for them. Easy-peasy. You also get a flag for your garden to let butterflies and the community know you care.

Milkweed plants are small plants where butterflies deposit their eggs, which hatch as caterpillars, then build their chrysalis, and then emerge as butterflies — all right before your eyes! You and your kids will love watching the progress of one of nature’s most fascinating transformations, one that happens over and over throughout the year.

Call Mark Boyd at 805.648.2113 and get started today!

Three Milkweed Plants Installed for $20.

Milkweed plant growing in a pot here in La Conchita.

Milkweed plant starts with Monarch eggs attached already. This is called "egg loading" and happens when milkweed is in short supply.

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