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Board Members present:

Sue Harrison, Mike Bell, Annelle Beebe, Maryellen Schroeder, Aaron Ready.

Board Members absent:

Joan LaValley and Randy Hart.

Installation of the Dolphin Statue:

We are in the process of hiring a engineer to evaluate the placement of the statue and supply documentation to Caltrans. Once that is complete we will contact the County with approval from Caltrans and the Supervisors will then vote to allow installation.

Removal of Dirt from Santa Barbara Avenue:

We have met with the county about the dirt removal process. The County has approved our process. We have found the location to place the removed dirt and made arrangements with the company that will move the dirt. We plan to do the work on December 16th. We will need local assistance on the 16th and will be asking residents to be available that day.

Repaving All Streets in La Conchita:

The County Transportation section has confirmed that they will repave all of La Conchita in the fall of 2018. They will assign an engineer in early 2018 to meet with community residents to discuss the work.

It is suggested that we ask them to pave up to the UP right-of-way fence. During the last large paving job in La Conchita, we asked the contractor to redo the asphalt in front of many of the homes in town. The contractor charged a nominal fee for this service. We will talk to our residents to see if they want to have this contractor repave the fronts of residents.

Recycle Trailer — Discussion for the Community Meeting:

It was decided to sell the recycle trailer. We will empty the trailer once more, remove the La Conchita stickers and place it for sale.


It was decided to continue to have the LCCO as our community non-profit organization, representing the town. This allows us to continue to have insurance for the tractor and the community representatives.

Community Events:

We will have a community meeting in April of 2018 and discuss the garage sale.

The Christmas present collection will be handled this year by ?????

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
April, 2018
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