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1. Budget:

We have $14,040. In our LCCO bank account. Last month’s only expenditure was for trash service.

2. Installation of Dolphin Statue:

• The county agreed to the location (towards Surfside St by the bicycle rack )

• Pictures of the statue have been sent to the County Supervisors for their consideration of the installation of the statue.

• The County has given Caltrans the documentation necessary to allow the installation of the Dolphin Statue at the undercrossing walkway.

• The goal is to have the statue installed by this fall.

3. Removal of Dirt from Santa Barbara Avenue:

To end hazardous driving on Santa Barbara Avenue, the LCCO - with community help, will remove the dirt on the Avenue to reestablish original street width.

• Harrison trash service has agreed to hall the dirt to a location agreed upon by the owner of the horse ranch.

• The dirt will either be spread on a part of the horse property or deposited off the 33 at the Canada Larga exit.

• Andy Shaeffer will be asked to supply a tractor for the dirt removal work.

• The LCCO will have to pay for the relocation of the fence when completed.

4. Paving of the Streets of La Conchita:

• All streets in La Conchita will be repaved during the fall of 2018.

• Notices will come from the county stating what streets/dates.

5. Trash Containers:

• The trash barrels at the mailboxes are being removed. The community is asked to recycle any discarded mail through their house trash service through EJ Harrison and Sons starting in October.

• The LCCO trash container service will be discontinued as of October. This will not be needed with the container at the mail box removed – any save the LCCO funds.

6. Recycle Trailer—Discussion for the next Community Meeting:

• Should we continue to recycle or sell the trailer?

• Should we keep recycling? Are there community members who will take on over the task of hauling to the center?

• Is it worth the effort for $200 a month or should we do a fundraiser in place of recycle?

7. Moving the Emergency POD:

The Emergency POD will be relocated to a different location in La Conchita.

8. LCCO—Discussion for the next Community Meeting:

• Should the LCCO continue or become a social and beautification committee?

• What are the benefits of each?

9. Next Community-Wide Meet is — Wednesday, October 18th:

• Meeting at Mike’s garage on Oxnard Avenue.

• Bring your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to the meeting.
Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
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