We remember our friend Ernie.
Is this what they mean by "Little houses by the sea"?
There is something about a beach cruiser — isn't there?
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Board Members present:

Sue, Mike, Joan, Annelle, Maryellen,

Board Members absent:

Aaron, Randy

1. Budget:

We have $13,644.13 following the latest recycle deposit. Last months only expenditure was the trash container expense.

2. Garage Sale:

The LCCO hopes to collect enough from the sellers to offset the costs of advertising and the porta potty/toilets. The BBQ will be at Mike’s garage on Oxnard Street at 5:00 PM

Our volunteers are Sherry, Linda, Gary and Maryellen!!! Thank you.

Additionally, thank you to Dan and Byron for placing the Garage Sale advertising sign on the highway. Thanks to Mary Cox for LCCO donation.

3. Dolphin Statue Installation:

The County legal department is reviewing our dolphin statue placement plan. Their concerns include, who will be responsible for maintaining the statue, who will remove the statue at the end of its lifespan and other liability issues. We have agreed to place the statue on the ground instead of a raised platform. This relieved many of the counties concerns. We are now awaiting for final approval from County legal. Once achieved, we will then go to the County Supervisors for final approval.

We are considering where to place the statue. It seems the most popular location will be next to the bicycle rack towards Surfside Street.

4. Paving of the Streets of La Conchita:

The state of California just passed a transportation budget. Plus Gov. Brown passed an additional transportation budget item for increasing the licensing and registration fee of cars and a gasoline tax increase to improve funding for transportation projects. These tax approvals will fund the repaving of La Conchita streets. County Transportation is estimating our repaving will begin in the late summer of 2018. Additionally the County will come in and do a temporary fix of our pot holes in about 3 months.

They will replace our speed bumps on their dime and hopefully we will get 2 more speed bumps on Vista del Rincon. We are proposing to the County that the pave all the way to the railroad fence.

5. Santa Barbara Street Dirt Removal:

We are still looking for a location to dispose of the dirt we need to remove from Santa Barbara Ave. 

6. USGA Grant Information:

Sue has looked at grants for non-profit, but they are low-income. Sue will continue to be checking sites.

7. Update on Gas Station:

One of the tanks at the gas station has a leak and that is preventing the owners from selling the station. They are working on this issue.

8. Tunnel Camera:

Nothing new.

9. Graffiti:

We are noticing that there is someone in town (we believe it is a local) who is spray painting/tagging things randomly in town in GREEN PAINT. We have had the alley walls, people’s garages, our speed bumps tagged, and a gas station pillar.

This does not appear to be gang related tagging, so parents we ARE ASKING for parent input/supervision with regard to this subject. PLEASE be vigilant about your children’s whereabouts at night, perhaps check their rooms for green paint, anything to help solve this situation.

Community help to resolve this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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Monday, August 7, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
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