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1. Treasurer's Report:

Bank balance - $13,876.34

2. Dolphin Statue Installation:

Installation of the statue is progressing. The County lawyers are in the process of evaluating county exposure of the statue placement. Once this is completed and approved, we will need to get a registered engineer to design the base support for the statue.

Mike made a motion to allocate $3500 for the base design, construction, and installation of the statue. Joan seconded and the motion was approved. The LCCO is looking for a design engineer for the base design.

3. Paving of La Conchita Streets:

The County informed Mike that they do not have the funds to pave our streets at this time. Mike is following up with the State representative that is sponsoring the State Transportation bill that would give the County sufficient funds for the La Conchita paving. Should be voted on and passed in March.

4. Santa Barbara Street Dirt Removal:

The county had told Mike they would remove the dirt on Santa Barbara Avenue when they paved our streets. During a further call, they changed their statement about removing the dirt. Mike called Supervisor Bennett's office and they are following up with County Transportation. La Conchita residents may do the cleaning work ourselves if the County refuses to perform this job. Bennett's office declined to get involved in this issue. Told us to talk with County Transportation. Mike will continue to follow up.

5. USGA Grant Information:

Sue has placed her email address of the Grant Website alert system so that she will be notified of any grant information that becomes available. 

6. 2017 Garage Sale Information:

The 2017 Garage Sale will be held the weekend of May 6th and 7th. There will be a BBQ following the sale on Saturday at 5 p.m. at Mike's garage. Additionally, Jackie will plan for Helping Hands or another charity group to pick up leftovers on Monday following the sale.

7. Spark of Love:

The toy collection for Spark of Love went very well thanks to the generous giving of our community. The County Fire Department sent 2 trucks to pick up the toys. Thanks to Niki for her hard work on planning the process this year.

8. Drainage Culverts North of La Conchita:

Andy and Joan noticed that the drainage culverts north of town have been graffitied. They want either the LCCO to approve the purchase of paint to paint over the graffiti or for Caltrans to remove it. Mike will call Caltrans about this issue. (Since the meeting, Joan and Sheri painted the culverts.)

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Monday, May 1, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
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