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Board Members present:

Sue, Mike, Aaron, Maryellen, Annelle

Board Members absent:

Joan and Randy


1. LCCO Budget:

We have $13,960 in our account. This months only expenditures was for the yearly LCCO and tractor insurance policies. We had income of $260 from our community recycle program.

Please urge your neighbors to contribute to the LCCO recycling program. Aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, with the recycle emblem on them, are all recyclable.

2. Dolphin statue placement:

We are working with the County to get approval of placement of the dolphin statue at the pedestrian undecrossing (PUC).

We are in the process of writing a letter to the County Supervisors detailing the community support of this project. Supervisors must agree with the placement and take responsibility for its maintenance and graffiti removal, when necessary. Additionally, we must project a lifespan for the statue and agree to remove it at the end of that time frame.

We need to select the location for the placement. Our current thought is to the East of the bicycle rack. Placing the statue under the light pole was rejected by some residents and between the bicycle rack and PUC would allow folks to climb onto the PUC wall an onto the statue.

If anyone has any comments about this issue, please contact any of the LCCO chairpersons.

3. Santa Barbara Dirt Removal:

The Ventura County Transportation organization is going to resurface all streets in La Conchita in the fall of 2017. Mike has spoken to the lead official and been assured that with the resurfacing, they will remove the dirt that was left on Santa Barbara ave following the 2005 slide. We have Annelle to thank for keeping the LCCO focused on this issue. The County has not assigned a transportation engineer to our resurfacing project yet, but will contact the LCCO when one is selected.

It has been suggested that the County pave from the current asphalt, to the railroad fence, in some parts of town. We will discuss this with the transportation engineer. Lastly, we will request speed humps be installed on Vista Del Rincon at two locations.

4. Alleys:

Alley Access – There has been some confusion as to who owns the alleys and the need for unobstructed access.

Summary of the County’s Position on La Conchita's Alleys:

The County returned alley ownership to property owners in March of 1994 following many years of the County keeping the alleys clear of weeds and debris. Now each property owner is responsible for keeping clear, the half of the alley, that backs up to their property.

If we have another incident where residents need to evacuate and emergency responders have to use the alleys to rescue residents, alley blockage could be the difference between life and death! Additionally, the Fire Department needs clear access to the rear of properties to perform their duties.

The utility companies have the right to access their utilities for general and emergency maintenance. They have the right to remove any blockage to accessing their utilities.

Please understand that any resident that has alley access to their garage also has the right of way to that garage from Surfside St. or Vista Del Rincon.

5. Gasoline Station:

The La Conchita gas station is in the process of being purchased. The new owner is working with the County to resolve all county issues before closing escrow. The County has told him that he will not be allowed to cook food on the premises. One of the gas tanks had a small seepage that is being repaired.

The new owner has some other gas stations along the coast and wants to open this one in La Conchita. Mike told him of the issues (drugs and such) that have plagued the station in the past and he assured us that he runs only top notch, clean stations! 

6. USGS Grants:

Sue has been researching potential grants but has not found any that meet La Conchita needs. She will keep researching.

7. Pedestrian Undercrossing Camera:

We are looking into purchasing a system that will allow us to identify any individuals that do damage to the PUC.

8. Neighborhood Watch:

Aaron invited the Sheriff's representatives that are assigned to the North Ventura County area to speak about security issues. Mark Burgess and Matt Johnson and the Sheriff's that cover our beach area. They both attended the LCCO meeting. They recommended that we call 911 for all emergencies. Additionally we should call

805-654 9511

if we need to give the officers information that is not an emergency. (people camping on the beach, reporting information on prior incidences etc.).

It was suggester that all La Conchita residents go to DMV and have their license changed to read La Conchita instead of Ventura as their home town. This will make entering and exiting LC in case of emergency much easier.

It was also suggested by the officers that we collect the phone numbers of all residents that have homes in LC whether they live here full time or not. We need to watch our streets and the neighborhood in general for individuals that might not belong. Call 654 9511 with info. 


• Linda suggested that Caltrans paint curved lines into our intersection to better direct traffic. Mike will call Caltrans and suggest.

• Aaron suggested that we split the Christmas toy collection toys between the County Fire Department and County Sheriff's Department. We agreed to do this.

• A residents dog got sick from eating the tree bark by the undercrossing out flow ditch. Please be careful with your animals in this area.

• Sue thanked Kurt for removing the sand from the pedestrian walkway. It is much safer walking down the ramp without the sand.

A special thank you to Lisa and John for their donation to the LCCO!

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Monday, February 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
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