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1. LCCO Budget:

We made $455 on garage sale. There were 45 sellers. Total cost $589 for advertising and toilets. Donations - We want to thank Sherry who works for the County Credit Union, and due to her community service in LC for the beautification committee every week for a year, her job pays for community service and thus we received a check for $250.00. Gail bought a new can crusher for recycle trailer for $8.59 Thanks were expressed to Greg for helping Mike and Kurt with the recycle trailer. Special thanks to Byron and Dan for making and putting up the sign on the highway announcing the LC garage sale.

2. Dolphin statue installation:

We need sufficient signatures on the dolphin petition stating that LC will install, maintain and eventually remove the statue. The Board of Supervisors will then approve the installation. We need 120 more signatures. Petitions were given to Board Members to get more signatures.

3. Sea Cliff parking lot:

The lot is open and plants are in and fenced off. Looks nice. It was said that there will be an information kiosk there. Mike heard there maybe long term restrooms. Mike will check on signage as it still says that the road is closed. Caltrans/Granite needs to cut the brush on each side of the roadway leading to the parking lot.

Joan and Andy volunteered to get the trash can left on the beach toward Rincon end and assist in the removal of the tent living quarters.

4. Santa Barbara Street dirt removal:

Mike talked to county transportation. They are hiring new people and have not assigned LC to a new engineer. Assignment should be soon and Mike will be notified.

Residents have noticed a car counter in town between Mike's house and gas station. Mike will check on why it’s there.

5. USGA grant information:

Sue will re-check.  


A. Accessing our alleys:

Mike talked to attorneys for county, remove supervisor for transportation.

1. Alleys are right-of-way for Caltrans and emergency services. Cars will be towed away at owner’s expense if blocking the alleys when utilities need access.

2. If you have a garage in the alley access must be kept clear.

3. No one can plant or block, etc., the alley. It is called prescriptive easement removal rights.

4. Alleys should be clear for emergency services.

It was agreed that Mike, Joan and Sue will write something to post on bulletin board.

B. Parking vehicles on vacant lots:

Mike reported that no one can park vehicles on vacant lots per the County regulations. Joan and Mike are going to call on a truck that is full of junk on lot at VDR and Fillmore.

C. Adding speed bumps to Vista Del Rincon:

People living on VDR want speed bumps. We will wait until streets are repaved to put in bumps which will be approximately June 17th . The County will replace our old hump during the paving project.

D. Invite Sheriffs to our board meeting:

Aaron will invite sheriffs.

It was discussed that neighbors are feeling that Cory’s renters are becoming a nuisance in our neighborhood due to consistent and reoccurring problems.

Sue, Joan and Mike will propose a letter or talk to Cory.

1. We are not planning a community 4th of July BBQ. We discussed that there are too many residents with families in town and it would be too large of BBQ.

2. LCCO will plan an end of summer/labor day BBQ instead.

3. We need to do a beach cleanup after the 4th to ensure the beach is safe and free from firework remnants. We will meet Tuesday, the 5th of July. The group removed about six bags of trash including many sparklers.

4. The camera was stolen. We are exploring another purchase and other options.

5. Trash can Issues:

Mailbox Trash
Trash cans by mailboxes are not for personal household trash. Please order trash service or arrange with neighbors to use their trash cans. There is not room for personal trash at the trashcans by the mailboxes.

LCCO large trash bin
The purpose of the bin is to empty mailbox trash cans. AFTER the mailbox trash are emptied in the bin the community is welcome to put larger items that do not fit in their trash in the LCCO bin – usually after five. p.m. Monday's After Harrison has emptied it, please do not place items in the bin.

6. A community member proposed having wood by the beach access for groups to build fires on the beach. Our beach is not approved for fires so the committee thought this suggestion was not appropriate.
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Monday, November 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
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