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1. LCCO Budget:

PUC paint $122, Trash service $71, Income: Recycling $245 - Balance: $14,744

2. Preparations for El Nino:

Census update – The Board of Directors agreed to meet and work on updating the census notebook within the next month. Mary Ellen has volunteered to assist Mike on this project. We have had very little hard rain this year and the community has held up well. We have organized our emergency supplies container and made sure our supplies were up to date and ready for any situation.

3. Update of dolphin statue installation:

We are working with the County and Caltrans on the process of getting the statue located at the top of the PUC walkway. Kathy Klock suggested the statue be located next to the bicycle rack instead of by the light pole. We need to get a petition signed by LC property owners accepting responsibility for the statue. We agreed to take pictures of the various potential locations for the statue and get consensus for its location from the community. Additionally need to write a letter to the County Supervisors telling them that we want the statue installed.

4. Sea Cliff Parking Lot Update:

Caltrans required Granite Construction to install plants, which has been completed. Granite also installed lighting, painted parking lines, fixed the tunnel lighting and we were told the area will be opened for parking in the next few months. Kathy Klock told us that she was informed that Caltrans would be constructing a learning center in the parking lot if 2017. We need to find out if Caltrans will be installing restrooms in the parking lot?

5. USGA grant information:

Sue will follow up on this subject.  

6. Garage Sale and BBQ:

was decided that the Garage Sale will be May 14th and 15th this year. The BBQ will be on the 14that 5 p.m. at Mike's garage. It was suggested to invite Dave Grau, candidate for our County Supervisor position, to the BBQ. Mr. Grau is not available on the 14th so we are arranging for him to come to town on the 27th at 7 p.m. At Mike’s garage. Sue will write and post a notice.

7. Accessing our alleys:

Mike will call Ray Guterez about access to garages in alleys, plants in alleys. Edison will only remove vehicles/brush if it blocks their work area.

8. Parking Vehicles on Vacant Lots:

It is illegal to park any vehicle on a vacant lot in La Conchita. You may only park on a lot that has a home on it.

9. Adding Speed Humps on Vista Del Rincon:

We have asked the County to include new speed humps to Vista Del Rincon when they repave the town. This is to take place in 2017.
10. Gas Station Update:

The renter has been told by the Ventura County Court to remove his stuff within ten days of April 15th. A resident will unlock the station at 8 a.m. each morning and re-lock it every evening during the ten days so that the renter can have removal access.
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