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Board Members present:

Sue, Mike, Annelle, Joan, Mary Ellen, Aron

Board Members absent:

Joanne, Kary, Kirk and Randy.

1. LCCO Budget:

Beginning balance 2016 was $14,937.54.

a. Sue itemized last year's budget. Expense in the month of January was for paint for graffiti. Income was $202.43. Ongoing trash expense is $79.35. (an increase as of January first.) Mike says the balance is only down $20 for the last year.

b. A thank you was given to Kurt for touching up paint on the recycle trailer and helping Mike with recycling. (Additional income is expected now that we will collect glass again.)

2. Updates on preparations for El Nino:

a. The tractor is gassed and lights and radios are charged.

b. Sue would like to rearrange the pod so the emergency items are at the front and event items at the back. We will meet at the pod on Saturday around 12:00. Anyone want to help? (All emergency items were checks and are ready for use.)

c. Sue suggested reviewing the emergency contact info notebook and ask street captains to get info for residence that did not return the form.

d. Aaron says VC alert know of their alerts. Mike will request that we be included.

e. Also residents can download the CHP app for all road closures.

f. Sand bags are available at fire station # 25

g. FYI, Emergency vehicles coming from Carpinteria will not be using the median turn-around. They stated they will not accept that danger.

3. Update of dolphin statue installation:

a. Mike reported that the county and Caltrans are working together, however, the county was not getting anywhere. Mike called Das Williams who went to Caltrans, and the county has now sent Mike a document stating that we will be responsible for statue maintenance and removal.  

b.  We do have an approved location for the statue which is by the bench area.   

c.  Aaron suggests that we still have a sitting area. We agree and bench will be located near the same area.

4. Update of intersection work:

The new delineators location has made a great difference with no incident.

5. Sea Cliff parking lot update:

Mike says Caltrans said parking lot is not open because scrub brush has to be planted. Sue feels this needs to be done by April before spring break.  

6. Santa Barbara street dirt removal update:

a. We are requesting that the intrusion onto Santa Barbara street be removed when the town will have new asphalting in 2017.

b.  It was brought up that the emergency vehicles and trash trucks have difficulty getting through. 

c.  It was also noted that at various times there are as many as 27 cars on the Santa Barbara Street.

7. USGA grant information:

They told Mike they have no funds or programs that can help LC. Jamie will be contact for further info.

8. Pedestrian under-crossing:

Thank you Karen for purchasing the paint.

9. Security camera:

Thank you Kerry for purchasing a security camera. Jack and Mike will install it on the top of light pole.
10. Other items from the committee:

Future agenda items:

 a. Accessing our alleys

 b. Parking vehicles in vacant lots

 c. Adding speed bumps to Vista Del Rincon

d.  Aaron suggests we invite Sheriffs to our board meeting   

e. Mike wants all agendas and board meeting minutes to be posted on both the bulletin board and mailboxes one week in advance of the meeting. (Mike will clean black goo off mailboxes.)

f. Aaron wants to know what is happening with the gas station. Mike informs him that lawyers are working on eviction. Can community help with this process? Concern: There is a safety issue with the plants blocking the view for the incoming cars and cars traveling south on Surfside.

g. There is a concern in general for emergency vehicles getting in and around LC due to the large volume of cars being parked in lots, alleys and on the streets.

11. Other items from the community added to the agenda:

a. No items added prior to the meeting.

b. Comments from the audience were listed in the items above.
12. Community input and future agenda items can be given to any of the board members.
Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
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