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Board Members present:

Annelle, Arron, Joan, Joanne, Kary, Mary Ellen, Mike and Sue.

Board Members absent:

Kirk and Randy.

LCCO Budget:

LCCO balance is $15,284 minus an insurance payment, approximately $200, that had not been posted due to the changing of treasurer. The income from the recycling will be deposited. ($216) Sue asked to address the recycling and commented that the income has declined with the restriction on glass. She suggested that we try collecting only beer and soda glass in addition to plastic and aluminum. Wine will continue to be recycled at home recycling. Currently Beer and soda are collected by Barbie and Linda and funds donated to the LCCO. Mary Ellen volunteered to write up an posting for the bulletin board and an entry into the LCCO newsletter.

Resignation of Mike Bell from Chairperson Position of the LCCO:

Mike will remain on the board. Process of selection of new Chairperson was discussed:

Take recommendations and table it until next meeting or the bylaws say that the Directors of a 501c3 organization - positions may be filled by a majority of the remaining directors.

It was deemed that the Directors present constituted a quorum. Joanne nominated Sue as chair; Joan and Annelle seconded the nomination.

A vote was taken and Sue was elected unanimously. Sue agreed to manage the day to day business and agendas. The board members unanimously agree that Mike shall continue to work on LCCO issues.

Update of dolphin statue installation:

Cal-trans and the county are discussing the installation of the statue. Caltrans says that the county will be liable for incidences involving the statue. Our assembly person, Das Williams staff is working with the county folks in this effort. Sue commented that it showed progress as the county came out and looked at the designated spot.

Update of intersection work:

There has been a problem with 18-wheelers driving by and taking out all first row of intersection posts. Caltrans came out and put in new posts about 5 feet back and we have had no further incidents of damage. Another sign for lane designation is expected to be posted also.

Sea Cliff parking lot update:

The lights in the parking lot and undercrossing lights are in and operational, but the access street is still blocked off. Mike has made phone calls to Caltrans but hasn't heard back. We hope when the lot opens and more people know about the new location and go there relieving traffic and parking issues in La Conchita.

Santa Barbara street dirt removal update:

The county is supposed to repave all streets in L a Conchita in 2016 or early 2017. Mike will continue to contact transportation to bring them on board so when they repave they will restore Santa Barbara Avenue to its full width. Jamie, who lives on Santa Barbara Avenue, shared that because we are in a USGA area we can apply for grant funds from the USGA for this work. She also shared that we could potentially get a grant of $20,000 per household from USGA for LCCO projects. Jamie will send Mike the information.

New Business:

Our pedestrian undercrossing has been graffitied twice now. Karen is going to purchase paint tomorrow and we can repaint the tunnel.

Other Items:

The security camera for the PUC was brought up. Kary said that he would purchase a camera and Mike volunteered to install it.

It was suggested that Kelly be contacted about publishing
a newsletter to include information about our recycling program, adding glass and undercrossing graffiti issue.

No items were suggested for the Monday, February 1, 2016 meeting at this time.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
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