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Board Members present:

Joan, Aaron, Joanne, Kary, Mary Ellen, Annelle, Randy and Mike.

Board Members absent:

Kirk and Sue.

LCCO Emergency Plan:

Mike explained the Emergency Plan. Everyone should have an emergency kit that contains a utility bill so you can prove your La Conchita residency, a copy of your prescriptions and an overnight bag of clothing by the door that is most used.

All family members should be aware of the emergency kit, its location and to take the kit with them if warned of an incident. Also have information on animals with copy of licensing and shots.

We are expecting this to be an El Niño rainy season. If you see anything out of the ordinary, Call 911 and report. Get your family to a safe location and then, if possible, drive around town honking your car horn. The warning horn series is, 4 honks followed by a short pause then 4 more honks. Repeat this series to assist/warn neighbors.

Everyone should meet at the bottom of Oxnard Avenue, by the under crossing, which will be the emergency command post area. Mary Ellen thinks everyone should verify that the census book has correct information for each resident including a work phone number.

Contact Mike at (805) 652-1722 to update your contact information.

Update of parking lot at Sea Cliff:

Kurt suggested that Mike send an email to Supervisor Bennett suggesting the County and Caltrans advertise and have a grand opening for the new parking lot at Sea Cliff when it is completed. This could lessen the amount of beach visitors to La Conchita Beach. Caltrans tells us that Granite is waiting for their electricians to be available to repair and install new lighting at the parking lot.

Off ramp at La Conchita—plastic poles:

We are working with Caltrans to find a better solution to the intersection warning poles.

Dolphin Statue update:

Steve Bennett, our Ventura County Supervisor and Das Williams our Assembly-member are working with Caltrans on this issue. Mike has been pressing them for progress.

Santa Barbara Avenue dirt removal update:

Supervisor Bennett is in discussion with County Transportation on this issue.

PUC camera:

We are shopping for a camera that meets our needs. Kary is researching.

LCCO New Website (laconchita.info):

Please see our new website at the above web address.

Kurt and Mike have set it up to be useful to our community. Please email Kurt or Mike with and suggestions for the site. It was suggested that we have a Media contact person listed on the website. Aaron will be that person and his contract information is now on our website.

PUC Clean up report:

Mike purchased a blower and hearing protection to use for PUC cleaning. It will be kept in the container at Mike's garage.

Monarch Butterfly Club:

Kurt has organized a Butterfly Club. The first meeting will be October 31st at 6949 Fillmore at 9:30 a.m. Please attend.

El Niño weather information:

We know that the weather service is predicting a El Niño rain pattern for this winter. The County will have a meeting for La Conchita community members soon. We will advertise the meeting and hope all La Conchita residents will attend.

Barking dogs:

Residents have been complaining about barking dogs. Mike researched this issue thru the County website. Basically if two neighbors file a complaint with Animal Control, they will investigate. If in fact the dog proves to be negligent, Animal Control will hold a hearing to determine if the dog should be destroyed.

We do not want anyone to lose their pet, so please discuss this with the owner before filing a complaint.

Beach Access:

A resident spoke to a Sheriff Officer who told him that you could not be on the beach after 10 p.m. Mike called the Ventura County Sheriff's Watch Commander and was told that the beach has no hourly restrictions. You can go to the beach anytime but you cannot camp on our beach!

Neighborhood Watch:

Aaron told the meeting that our Neighborhood Watch officer has been transferred. Aaron will follow up with the Sheriff's Office to make sure a new officer is assigned.

Chili Cook Off:

It was asked, when is the Chili Cook Off this year? There is not one planned at this time.

Rattle Snakes:

There has been a couple of rattle snakes seen around town. Please be careful when walking near weeds and report any sightings to Animal Control (388-4341).

LCCO balance sheet:

Respectfully submitted by Sue Harrison
September 2015


• Trash: $64.22
• Mike - Blower and Gas Can: $177.53
• Joan - Paint: $9.42

Balance: $14,722.21

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
December 7, 2015 at 6:30 PM.
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