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September 22, 2015

Our community has experienced disasters in the past. The La Conchita Community Organization (LCCO) has prepared this document to inform our residents how to prepare for and what to do in emergencies. Please read the following instructions and share the information with your family. With the wet winter that the weather service is projecting, we must be prepared! In emergencies do the following:

1. Notify 911 of the situation.

2. Get your family and emergency ox (see below) out of the house.

3. Warn the community with your car horn (see below).

4. Assist neighbors that you know may need help evacuating.

5. Assemble at Surfside Street and Sunland Avenue.

6. Assist with the set-up of an emergency command post.

Prepare an emergency evacuation box that includes:

• A utility bill to prove you are a LC resident in case of evacuation.

• Prescriptions.

• Overnight clothes.

Place the box near the most used exit and make sure your family knows to take the box upon emergency exiting. Please remember that your animals may need special attention and documentation during an evacuation.

To warn your neighbors, drive around town honking your car horn (4 blasts followed by a short pause then 4 more blasts—then continue). Do not drive where you are placed in danger! Karen Oren and Mike Bell have keys to the emergency supplies container at Mike's garage. Mike also has the most recent census notebook with residents information to be given to emergency responders.

Our goal in emergencies is to get our families to a safe location and then assist the emergency responders with any help they need.

Mike Bell
7015 Oxnard Avenue
(805) 652-1722
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