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Willis Service Station on Santa Barbara Avenue in the 1950s.
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Board Members present:

Mike, Joan, Sue, Joanne, Aaron.

Board Members absent:

Randy, Kirk, Bridgett, Annelle.

Suggestions for new Directors to the LCCO:

The following residents were nominated to become LCCO Directors: Mary Ellen Schroeder, Kary Kump, and Jacque Fuller. Ballots were distributed and people were encouraged to vote as they arrived at the meeting. At the End of meeting we counted the votes. Mary Ellen and Kary were elected to the board as Directors. Jacque Fuller is in Hawaii and will be asked if she is interested in becoming a Director before the next LCCO meeting and a vote then will be conducted.

Election of Treasurer:

Sue was nominated and unanimously voted in by attending board members. Mike said that he and Karen were the two signatures previously, but since Karen resigned and now Sue (his sister) is treasurer, he will resign from co-signatory and suggests to the board that Joan will be second signatory on LCCO checking account.

Update of parking lot at Sea Cliff:

Granite has Begun work and is making progress. Mike believes it will improve our parking situation here in LC and he is pushing for porta-potties there to also make Sea Cliff more appealing for beach visitors.

Off ramp at La Conchita - plastic poles:

Cal Trans put in plastic poles at the intersection but not leading to the intersection as they did at Mussel Shoals. Mike doesn’t feel this configuration has made the intersection safer and will contact Caltrans about a better fix. Sue suggested adding box dots to better designate the off ramp lane. Mike will forward Sue's suggestion to Caltrans.

Dolphin Statue update:

Brian Brenner of Supervisor Bennett's office is working on its submission to Caltrans, and it will be installed at the top of the tunnel under crossing.

Santa Barbara dirt removal update:

No progress. Joan suggested LCCO pay for it. Mike says we don't have that kind of money, too expensive at $15,000. Linda wanted to know why the County won't help since they did in Camarillo, but Aaron said the City of Camarillo paid for their dirt removal. Sue suggests that due to our recent encroachment situation - especially since this is a safety issue - and Santa Barbara street is a safety issue. Because of this, we need to talk to the County and have them look at this issue again! Mike says he'll flog the head of transportation and Supervisor Bennett to fix Santa Barbara Ave.

Dog leash on the beach issue
(statement from Aaron):

Aaron says July 16th at 8:30 pm, he was bit by a LC resident off-leash dog on La Conchita beach. He called animal reg, they told him all dogs must be on a leash at all times unless on private property of owner. We have no say as a board or community, there is no wiggle room on this issue. Mike reiterates that the board thoroughly discussed this subject, had a solution for it, we even put up a sign that shortly after was removed. Bottom line is this: this issue has been discussed and it is the dog owner that is responsible for their animal.

Sue said that when no one is on the beach, this is a fine time to let a dog run off leash, but remember, your animal is your responsibility.

Donn said—talking off the record, he hoped—that he would like to reiterate, people please take care of your dogs and be considerate of your neighbors. Please don’t go to animal regulation.

Terry said she is worried about a dog biting one of the community children!!

Barbara said we all now know the dog law. If someone reports you, that is your problem.

Linda says she tells people in a nice way to please control their dog, and please pick up after your dog. Remind dog owners who are new to our town we have a dog leash sign, to please be a respectable dog owner.

Marilyn commented that her dog was bit and she believes that she needed to look at the whole picture and the owner of that dog, did they take responsibility? If the two parties involved can resolve the issue, don't open a can of worms by involving outside authorities.

Bonnie spoke about dogs in Carpinteria, stating that these issues we are discussing happens everywhere—it is a universal problem.

Bill asked if there any enforcement? Is there a way people can control this issue in LC...

Linda reiterated, lets all monitor our own animals! Joan agrees with self monitoring. Joanne agrees, self monitor, express things nicely!!

PUC camera:

Mike reported that there are a couple of models he is looking at.

Joanne suggested that there may be liability issues and we need to do some research on this issue. Perhaps Kary can be of assistance on this issue. Barbara suggested signs stating that you are being filmed.

July 4th party report:

Mike said it went great. Thought it was very positive for the community. LCCO will host one next year. Joanne said: "Sherry volunteers again for BBQ coordinator." Mike says: “Keep recycling, that's how we fund events for the community.

LCCO Website:

Rob said he was looking for ideas for our website that really puts LC in a good light. Had negative experience before with bad commenting and there are problems with social media, controlling negative issues or posts. Rob asked for volunteers to work with him on the website. Please contact him at Rob will add the community calendar, dates and minutes. Bonnie suggests things be linked to Facebook and Wikipepdia.

PUC Clean up report:

Instead of getting a blower, it was suggested that we get a pressure washer-blower, with generator so if there's dog or human waste it will clean up that the waste. It was suggested we purchase a combination machine. Mike is researching this. Joanne has concern with the animal waste if it's going to get washed into ocean, then we ought to clean it up before it does. Mike suggested that the machine operator collect the waste before it is washed into the drain side of the PUC. Joan suggests revisiting the stencils that we ordered and putting them on the cement as you enter the PUC. This painting was performed in the second week of August.

July 25th town cleanup report:

Six years ago, at the first community clean up, LC filled 16 40-foot containers. This year we filled 11. Everyone worked together and the event went very smoothly. The County officials were very pleased.

County Encroachment meeting information:

The County Transportation Supervisor conducted a meeting at the Fire Station. He stated that there were very few residents in town that needed work to be done to comply with the County encroachment standards. He explained that his organization would send out letters explaining what work needed to be done and which residents needed to only sign the letter acknowledging the encroachment and return it to the County.

El Nino weather information (census):

We assumed everybody had heard this year could be heavy El Nino rainy season. Everyone needs to make sure that your emergency supplies are stocked up including water. The Sheriff's department will be in town in September to encourage everyone to sign up for the county's VC Alert reverse phone system. You are encouraged to add your contact information to this important system. Donn wanted to know if there is an emergency plan. Mike says it was circulated a couple years ago and the LCCO is currently working with the County Sheriff's Department to update our emergency plan. Terry wanted to know how the town will be alerted in case of an emergency. Mike told attendees to call 911 if you see anything dangerous happening! Then drive through safe areas honking your car horn. Barbie said to update your census form. Mike said sheriff and fire dept are the only people to see the census form and it is totally confidential!!

Ballot counting:

Mary Ellen wanted to disclose before counting votes, she wants people to know that she is going to continue to keep her dogs off leash on beach but will be respectful to others and is a respectable dog owner.

Mary Ellen Schroeder and Kary Kump were voted in as board members unanimously by both board and community.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
October 5, 2015 at 6:30 PM.
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