A man's home is his castle.
One of our fine carved front doors here in town.
A fine grouping of stone totems.
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Board Members present:

Mike, Joanne, Joan, Annelle, Bridget, Arron.

Board Members absent:

Kirk, Randy, Sue.

Update issues:

Treasury report:
Karen is no longer on the committee. She has turned her treasury duties over to Sue Harrison until a permanent treasurer can be elected. Sue put together a monthly report that can be viewed on the LCCO website in July.

Caltrans issues:
When will the parking lot be completed at Sea Cliff? Caltrans said the parking lot will be completed by the end on June.

Caltrans has been told that we expect restrooms and trash cans be available at the Sea Cliff beach parking lot. “Discussion with John and Dan Alvis about bathrooms and visitors in LC. Should we have Caltrans install a rest stop sign directing people to Bates Road for restroom facilities”? Greg Wiss asked if we could get Caltrans to install a sign telling visitors no bathroom facilities?

Question: can Caltrans install a sign for visitors to please pick up your beach trash. Caltrans told Mike that they cannot instruct visitors to remove beach trash.

It was suggested that the plastic poles like those used at the Mussel Shoals off-ramp be installed at the La Conchita off-ramp. Without the poles, vehicles move to the off-ramp lane and then go straight across the intersection, placing anyone exiting the town at risk. We have contacted Caltrans requesting to have poles like Mussel Shoals has. Caltrans is going to their engineering section with this issue.

Dolphin Statue:
Supervisor Bennett's assistant is working on this issue.

Bulletin Board:

Santa Barbara widening:
We are talking with the County about this issue. Joan brought up LC widening Santa Barbara with LC funds. We found that it is very expensive to move the dirt out of town. Residents are looking for someone who will take the dirt. Charles commented that the County should be responsible to clean the dirt off Santa Barbara Ave.

From the Special Meeting on May 11, 2015:

Director Vacancies:
At the Special Meeting, it was suggested that we ask the community to suggest names to fill 3 vacant LC Directors positions. There are 8 members now and we can have up to 12 according to the by-laws. The LCCO will review a process to select new Directors. Bridgett and Charles felt having a brother and Sister on the committee was not beneficial to the committee. John McGee, Kary Kump and Sherry Wiss were suggested as future Directors. Maryellen wants to know what are the duties of board members? Aaron spoke about some of the LCCO board accomplishments. Eva wants to focus on stabilizing the hill and be on the LCCO board but not with voting rights. Aaron will discuss this with Eva following the meeting.

Leash Law:
A sign was ordered stating that "Dog off leash area 150 feet each way from pedestrian under crossing". The signs will be installed as soon as it is received. Charles mentioned poop bag holders for the beach. Mike says we had them but they were destroyed by vandals. The LCCO will build and install new poop bag holders. Dan Alvis takes an opposite stand on dog off leash signage. Suggests dogs be leashed while on the beach. Eva argues the beach has always been a dog friendly, free beach, why the need for changes now. Terri Kump says were not advertising that its a free dog beach. Kathy Klock stated that she sees out of town folks bringing their dogs to LC Beach. Sherri said that self monitoring is working.

Purchasing a PUC camera:
Working on finding the correct camera. Discussion about if filming folks on the PUC walkway is legal. Does a sign advising of the camera make it legal to film?

July 4th Happening:
Sherri suggests a BBQ for the 4th and volunteers, Joan and Joanne to help if they are here in town. BBQ will be on the beach at 3pm. Hamburgers, hot dogs and buns will be supplied. If you have visitors, please supply meat for them. Everyone brings a dish. Sherri and Joan will prepare the flier.
(NOTE) Fireworks are illegal in Ventura County.

Rob to update LCCO website:
Rob is not here and Mike will talk to him.

New LCCO Treasurer:
Mike brought up, do we want to have a discussion about Sue and Mike being on the Board??? Mike explains nepotism only is a problem according to the By-laws in making financial decisions. Mike will excuse himself from any financial decisions brought before the LCCO Board. Bridgett disagrees with brother and sister being on board and Bridgett has proxy from Randy. Terri says if everyone on board has equal voice then she doesn’t see a problem with expanding the board and having Sue remain. Joan suggested that Sue remain, maybe not have voting rights but be our treasurer. Treasurer position will be an agenda item for the August LCCO meeting.

From April Meeting:

Purchase a PUC clean-up blower: We're researching.

A very large thank you to Kurt Whalner for his wonderful clean up of the La Conchita community pedestrian under crossing!!!

Progress of potential street name changes:
Joanne says she and Arron did an informal questioning of neighbors and the majority are not agreeable to changing any street names. Dan Alvis gave a history of the origin of street names in La Conchita. Aaron wants to let other street members on Bakersfield discuss as a group. We will revisit the potential street name change idea at our next LCCO meeting. Yan spoke strongly against the street name change. Lorraine also spoke strongly against the street name change.

Town clean-up July 25th:

Look for information on the town clean up delivered to your home and on the bulletin board soon!!!

Mike's Special Comments:

LCCO was established in 2005. The LCCO worked smoothly until recently. We have had disagreements, but always resolved them through discussion. The LCCO has solved hundreds of issues involving the County, Caltrans, the State and other parties. We must work as a team for our community to accomplish the goals of a strong group with a safe future. If we cannot work together, we should consider discontinuing the LCCO.

Sherri disagrees, she feels that we need the LCCO. John disagrees also. Terri thinks the changes are good. Annelle feels that the community can agree and we need to be one voice with the County. Aaron thinks we’ve made more progress having LCCO.

Joanne: I don’t see any reason to dissolve. Joan wants it, its transparency is improving, people are feeling they are a part of decision making.

Bridget feels the board should be voted in by community. Eva thinks there should be terms on board member duration. Charles is not in favor of dissolving board but the LCCO needs more transparency and residents to vote who will be on the board.

Lorraine thanks Mike for always being there, for helping our community and appreciates his help. Maryellen appreciates what Mike and the board does and it would be sad to disband. Greg suggests secret ballots via email. Mike says we do not have a list of email addresses and people don't want to share their info.

Mike will send out an email to all board members soliciting ideas for election of future board members.

Comments to LCCO following June meeting:

Sue had suggestions to post minutes on bulletin board, agenda on bulletin board and get minutes to each member for corrections/changes.

Mike gave the phone number to call for tar on beach (770-3682). It was suggested to place the number on the bulletin board.

Barbie nominates Jacque Fuller to be a board member and potential Treasurer.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
August 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM.
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