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Board Members present:

Mike, Bridgett, Annelle, Joan, Aaron, Kirk, Karen, Sue.

Board Members absent:

Not recorded.

Dog Leash Issue:

Karen and Mike both spoke to Supervisor Bennett's office about this issue. County recommends posting a leash law sign in LC. Committee suggested it be placed at the entrance to the PUC. Mike will follow up with Bennett's office. (I received an email from Joan that stated that the dog leash issue was not on the agenda and that we should make it an agenda item for the next meeting. This would give LCCO chairpersons sufficient time to research and discuss.) Please see emails at the end of the minutes.

Weed Abatement:

Joanne gave a weed abatement presentation. Her recommendation is that weeds need to be killed before they turn brown, as once brown, they put out seeds that will repeat the growing process once it rains. She suggested we get volunteers to abate the weeds at least 4 times a year. Eventually this abatement will prevent seeds from growing. She suggested we call Union Pacific about cutting their right-of-way more often. The committee also suggested that we get the La Conchita juniors to help in this process by organizing them to pull weeds a few times each year. Bridget will talk to Brian on Ojai about organizing weed abatement crews. Joanne also told the Committee that chemical weed abatement (Round Up) is an option and that it is the safest chemical abatement. Aaron also told the Committee about a web site ( that can be contacted for community services like weed abatement. Joanne would like to begin the abatement process on the lot at Vista Del Rincon and Fillmore. Mike will get the owners phone number to Joanne so that she may contact them.

Soup/Community Eventually:

The Soup/Community Meeting event went very well. A few issues were raised (street sign and LC entrance) and are being worked on by the LCCO. It was suggested that the location of this years event made it hard for all to hear discussions. It was suggested we locate next years event on one of the side streets away from Surfside. Additionally we need to have a loud speaker system for future LCCO events.

Adopt the PUC:

Karen contacted Caltrans about this issue. Caltrans told Karen that we could not adopt the PUC due to liability concerns.

Blower to Clean the PUC:

The LCCO chairpersons discussed purchasing a blower and votes to purchase one. Andy suggested we purchase a Stihl #BG86 for $250. This blower is considered commercial, meaning heavy duty.

Beach Trash:

The Committee suggested we either have Caltrans or our self’s install a sign at the PUC entrance reminding folks to bring their trash back when returning from the beach.

Dolphin Statue Update:

The County is in discussion with Caltrans on this issue. Mike will follow up.

Hillside Stabilization:

Kirk and Arron are working with the County, Cotton/Shires and Andy on this issue. They are looking for funding of the next phase of investigation. The LCCO committee voted to contribute $5000 towards this project. No money will be forwarded to Cotton/Shires until matching funds are assured.

Bulletin Board:

Karen and Jack have a design in mind and this project should be completed within the next month. The placement will be across from the alley between Fillmore and Bakersfield, against the Union Pacific fence.

Santa Barbara Avenue Widening:

Mike is working on this issue with Supervisor Bennett's office.

La Conchita Intersection Landscaping:

Aaron talked to Union Pacific about landscaping the intersection area. UP told Aaron that they would NOT permit any landscaping on their property.

La Conchita Street Name Changes:

The LCCO discussed this issue. The discussion centered around our town having street names unique to LC. Aaron and Joanne will discuss this issue with their neighbors on Bakersfield and Fillmore Ave and see if there is strong interest.

Kathy Klock Resignation Replavement:

Mike recommended Joanne as a replacement. The LCCO voted Joanne onto the committee. The board then discussed whether she would be a voting board member or just a committee member? This will be an agenda item and discussed at the next meeting. Additionally we will discuss the voting member process. (who will be a voting member)

That also brought up discussions of other board members, how many times is someone allowed to miss and still be on the board. Also discussed was how many board members do we have and is the number even or odd? and why? Mike will research these items within the LCCO Board rules.

Open LCCO Meetings:

Community members have asked if they could attend LCCO board meetings? Mike will research this question within the board rules. How to post meeting information?

Community/Garage Sale/BBQ:

Sue has placed the adds in local newspapers and online. Mike has ordered the toilets and hung the sign. Karen will contact the Rescue Mission. Shari & Joanne are handling the BBQ.

La Conchita Town Clean Up:

July 25th. Information will be given to all residents in early July and in LC newsletter.

Beach Parking At Sea Cliff:

Mike will contact Caltrans about progress on this issue. Toilets? Trash disposal?

Intersection Safety:

LCCO wants plastic barrier poles installed so vehicles do not get into our off ramp and then go straight across instead of turning into town. Mike will contact Caltrans about this safety issue.

Email's that Mike received following our meeting:


In reviewing all of the Email "agenda" items that I was sent before the Monday meeting, there was no "dog leash agenda" mentioned. Therefore, I'm asking that our vote be considered null and void; and I'm asking that this subject be addressed again when properly placed on the agenda.

I'm also asking that no more county phone calls be made to any animal agencies or county agencies until OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY has been apprised of this situation and it is discussed within our community.

For 40 years dogs have been allowed on our beach and I feel if there is going to be change, that this change needs to be approved community wide.

Thank you all, I hope I haven't offended anyone. Being on the board is sometimes overwhelming, and I hope you all feel as I do that is okay to disagree while we agree!!
Thanks, Joan


Hi Joanie,

Understand your concerns with bothering the county with this. . . maybe we can just put up our own Small sign asking people to please put dogs on leash in and around the PUC & more Populated beach areas? doubt the county would take the sign down and it would just be for the general public to reduce dog fights or bothering of residents/beach gowers? If someones dog is off leash & bothering you or your dog, just ask them nicely to please grab their dog and take further down the beach off leash away from the crowds/family’s! If legal issue with putting up our own sign, then lets just self police with kindness . . . asking dog owners to please keep overexcited & aggressive dogs on leash around the PUC or people/other dogs. If their not respecting your request or listening, call animal control.

I also have Good news!!! After nicely asking, I noticed our Fillmore neighbors secured their back gate tightly at the Lilly's house!! Looks like their taking care of their dog issues & being responsible dog owners now!!
Kirk Peterson

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