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Board Members present:

Mike, Joan, Karen, Sue, Randy, Aaron, Bridgett, Annell, Kathy.

Board Members absent:

Kirk, Jerry, Brian.

La Conchita's Soup Social & Town Meeting:

Bridgett will post the notice on the mailboxes for our first Soup Social/Town Meeting to be held March 7th beginning at 4:30 p.m. at the PUC entrance. We will consume the soup first and then conduct the town meeting. LCCO Directors will open the meeting by detailing what progress the LCCO has accomplished for the community. Please send Mike a list of accomplishments and we will select who will talk about each issue.

La Conchita Adopting Beach Tunnel:

Karen says after talking to 3 different agencies, no one has heard of this before.

We would like to use Caltrans commercial blower for beach ramp clean ups and tunnel cleanup. I called Caltrans and they said that until the project is completed, Granite is responsible for maintenance/cleanup. Caltrans will not loan/give us a blower. Caltrans will email me the name and phone # of the Granite contact. We need to decide if we (LCCO) want to purchase a blower?

Dolphin statue at PUC:

We will need to work with Caltrans and Ventura County on this project. Mike will call Steve Bennett. Aaron suggests to table this item for now due to many requests to county.

Sue suggests it be ready for 10 year anniversary. Karen moves/ motion for Mike to move on statue before anniversary date, everybody agrees. Mike talked to supervisor Bennett's assistant, Brian Brenner, who is supportative of placing the statue at the PUC and will visit La Conchita this Friday and take pictures of the proposed location.

Bulletin Board:

Kathy has someone who built one and is ready to install. Randy and Mike are going to view and measure and decide on its feasibility for our community and location. Kathy's person changed his mind. Jack and Mike will follow up on this issue.
Santa Barbara widening:

No new info. Dirt is still the big problem. Once the Dolphin statue issue is resolved, we will address this issue. Don't want to blast our Supervisor with two issues at the same time. Mike talked to the folks at Camarillo about their street clearing and the locals did not have to pay for the cleaning. Mike to work on this.
CPR Training:

Our local fire dept does not do this, neither does the County of Ventura but Red Cross does and Mike will contact them. Found out Red Cross is expensive on a per person basis. Internet training is much less expensive. Discuss at next LCCO meeting.
Golf Carts:

Residents are concerned about underage children driving golf carts/go carts and motorized vehicles unsafely. Issue was placed in LCCO Newsletter.
Fence at PUC:

Mike will call Caltrans about extending fence. Called Caltrans and fence extended.

La Conchita Intersection:

Design will not be like mussel shoals.

Perhaps sigh saying no multi axel trucks and white flexible posts like 405/101 north. Called Caltrans and informed them of our suggestions.

Hillside Fix:

Mike will follow up. Called Cotton Shires and waiting for return call.

Aaron talked to attorney of Bluebird fix… 34 million was all State and Fed funding. . . our situation is different. Mike and Aaron will schedule a meeting with Andy Schaffer as the LCCO Committee feels that Andy should pay at least half the cost of the initial project. ($10,000)

Tumbleweed snowmen (Sue):

No driftwood for Xmas tree, but we have tumbleweeds we could re bar, spray paint and decorate at entrance. Sue will organize and this will go into newsletter. Snowmen were built and looked great!

Your Ideas/Suggestions:

Kathy has several people who said the chili cook, making chili and then having to pay to attend, was too expensive. We’ll call it a fundraiser from now on. Additionally, the BBQ AFTER GARAGE SALE IS A THANK YOU TO COMMUNITY FOR RECYCLING

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
February 1, 2015 at 6:30 PM.
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