Laying groundwork for a nice walk to the beach.
The way it used to be.
Out with the old, in with the new.
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Board Members present:

Mike Bell, Sue Harrison, Karen Oren, Joan Fickland, Aaron Ready, Kirk Peterson, Kathy Klock, Annelle Beebe.

Board Members absent:

Randy Hart, Jerry Nesnadny, Brian Sathre, Bridget Gangkas.

News Update:

FYI: Mike has 60 census forms out of 160.

General info: Mike paid State of California non-profit yearly payment.

There was a lot sold on Zelzah next to Ray Grainger, bought by a contractor from Palmdale. He is intends to buy next lot down hill and develop both lots.

Donn Smylie has resigned from the LCCO as his other life responsibilities are of priority.


The Directors were asked if they wanted to replace Donn's position or continue with one less Director. We voted to add a new director. Sue nominated Annell to be a director. All in favor, (6) no opposed.

Sign progress and sign removed by Annell's house:

The County removed the sign on corner of Vista Del Rincon and Ojai as the LCCO had requested.

A “RESIDENTS ONLY PARKING” stencil was purchased and yellow painted on the asphalt in front of Karen's home. It seems to be working well. The question was asked, can anyone use this stencil? Answer: It’s dependent upon where you live and your parking situation. Anyone wanting to use this stencil should discuss it with the LCCO.

At our last LCCO meeting, we discussed posting NO OVERNIGHT PARKING signage on Surfside Street. The County told Mike Bell that they would only post State approved signage and the State does not have any signage that says NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. Kathy researched this issue and found that County Parks and Rec's is where we can get signs that say ”NO OVERNIGHT PARKING”. We will follow up with County Transportation on this issue.

Resident Letter, Census Progress:

We had a Street Captains meeting with the purpose of giving each Street Captain copies of the residents information letter and blank census forms. They were instructed on procedures for passing out the residents letters and how to get the census forms filled out. We’ve gotten 60 census forms back so far out of 160.

Hillside Fix Update:

The Contractor is having their subcontractor evaluate the costs of our suggested less overall work contract proposal. We are to contact them in about a week.

Aaron is working on setting up appointment with the people who helped on the Laguna Beach/ Blubird Canyon hillside landslide issue.

Trash Collection in PUC Areas:

Basically, Caltrans has stated they are not willing to pay for trash collection at the PUC. We will talk to the County and Harrison trash about this. La Conchita residents have kept the beach much cleaner than it use to be.

La Conchtia Intersection:

It appears that Caltrans is intending to install a wall/barrier like the one at the Mussel Shoals intersection. We will talk to Caltrans about this issue as the loss of a life at Mussel Shoals shows that there needs to be a different type of divider. Mike is going to contact Caltans about this dangerous situation.

Fence At PUC:

It was suggested that there be a fence at the top of the PUC walkway to prevent kids from walking onto the railroad tracks. Mike will call Caltrans on this fence safety issue.

Golf Carts:

There has been issues with youngsters driving golf carts un-safely in La Conchita. In the next newsletter, we will talk about the need to safely operate golf carts and who should drive them.

Are Segways allowed on bike path? Yes.

Heart Defribulators:

Bridgett cant find grant program and is still looking for one. The committee discussed this purchase and voted to table any purchase because no one wanted the responsibility/ liability or training.

Community CPR Training:

Great idea. Mike will follow up with Fire Department.

Santa Barbara Widening:

No progress. Sue suggests dirt to be deposited by the Union Pacific train fence. Karen to call ?? tell them we have 25 cu yards of dirt.

Bulletin Board Update:

Jack and Mike will discuss and schedule.

Chili Cook Off:

Saturday, October 18th time and date noted.. Girls got it organized!!!!

Dolphin Statue at PUC:

When Caltrans had the PUC dedication, Mike discussed the dolphin statue with the Transportation Art Coordinator. She sent him her contact information and guidelines for the installation. Mike will follow up on this item.

Beach Bench:

Idea deleted at request of Directors

Rose Bushes By Town Entrance:

Many residents received a letter from County about the rose bushes across from the gas station. The County is following up on this issue

Fire Department La Conchita Emergency Plan:

Ask the County Fire Dept what is the emergency fire plan? Kathy was told that because we have tunnel to be fire escape state said we need your money to give to other areas for their fire plan. Maybe we should put that into bulletin

More speed Bumps:

Sunland and Vista Del Rincon?

Wait till after County resurfacing of all LC streets is completed?

Adopting Beach Tunnel:

Karen and Sue suggest we adopt the pedestrian tunnel. We need to talk to Caltrans/Ventura County about this issue. Who would be financially responsible for tunnel /graffiti? Karen is going to find out from Caltrans who is responsible for keeping the tunnel clean? We would want Caltrans to donate the blower to LC that they bought for the PUC grand opening. We would need written document from Caltrans/Ventura County with legal obligations/cleanup responsibilities.
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February 2, 2015 at 6:30 PM.
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