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Board Members present:

Mike Bell, Sue Harrison, Aaron Ready, Annelle Beebe, Kathy Klock.

Board Members absent:

Randy Hart, Kirk Peterson, Donn Smylie, Jerry Nesnadny and Brian Sathre, Karen Oren, & Joan Fridwall.

Sign progress & Annelle's sign removal:

Karen ordered the stencil for residents parking on the front street. The LCCO will follow up with the County on stenciling the street for parking of residents in front of their houses.

Mike called the county and they agreed that the sign on Ojai and Vista Del Rincon Avenue's that says “NO OUTLET” serves no purpose. They will consider removing the sign.

Overnight camping on the La Conchita Beach is a problem. The County will only install State approved signs and there are no “No Camping On Beach” State signs. If you see someone camping on La Conchita Beach, please call the sheriff's office. They will send out an officer to remove the illegal camper. (Someone contacted the sheriff's department last week and they came out and removed an illegal camper).

Residents letter update:

(Street Captains meeting date?)
The residents letter is complete and we need to schedule a Street Captains Meeting to get the letter distributed. Suggested Street Captains meeting date August 25, 7 p.m., at Mike's garage. My wife's mom passed away last Thursday and so I was not able to contact each street Captain about this important meeting. I suggest September 1st at 7 p.m. at my garage! Request LCCO Chair folks attend. Mike to notify each Street Captain. Aaron will provide information for the neighborhood watch program that will also be given to street captains. The LCCO logo will be added prior to printing.

Hill fix update information (Mike):

We have contacted two contractors requesting a bid from them that entails less hillside work than the State Study. The State Study contractor was not told of any cost constraints. We have taken the estimate that was in the State Study and removed any work that did not seem necessary for town safety.

Trash cans and collection for the PUC area (Mike):

Caltrans has been contacted about this issue but seems unlikely to provide trash pickup from the PUC area. Still working on issue.

Heart defibrillators grant funding (Bridget):

No report on this issue yet.

Santa Barbara widening update (Mike):

Working with Andy and the County on getting this project started.

Bulletin Board update:

Jack and Mike will be working on the bulletin board soon.

Date of chili cook off:

Will check with Niki about this date.

Dolphin Statue at PUC (private monument on State property):

Working with Caltrans and will have Karen talk to Union Pacific. Kathy will research other private statues on county property.

Beach bench (Donn's suggestion) location, security, ect.:

Discussing proposed location and who will construct. Likely by exit of PUC, on the beach be the rocks.

Other issues:

PUC ramp sweeping (suggested by Donn).
PUC ramp swept.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
October 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM.
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