Musta rained agian!
Flyin' to La Conchita.
Garage sale cat: $5. As-is, no returns.
Editor: Kurt Wahlner
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Aaron Ready at:

Board Members present:

Mike Bell, Karen Oren, Sue Harrison Aaron Ready, Annelle Beebe, Kathy Klock, Joan Fridwall.

Board Members absent:

Randy Hart, Kirk Peterson, Donn Smylie, Jerry Nesnadny and Brian Sathre.

Sign Proposals:

Karen, Sue and Joan will present findings for parking, jet skiers and bicycle sign issues relating to PUC area. (note) Karen has ordered the stencils for painting the sidewalk with beach directions about dogs, skateboards, bicycles and trash. Mike will talk with the County about placing a sign that says “NO RV OVERNIGHT PARKING”. Mike will also talk with Ventura County about us painting “Residents Only Parking” in front of Surfside St homes on the house side of the street.

Residents letter update:

Mike has sent a DRAFT to Sue to correct/add to the letter. We will send out upon review and final writing by the LCCO committee.

Proposal to get email addresses to Kelly for the newsletter:

Mike will send Kelly a list of the email addresses that he has and when we update the Census book we will send Kelly additional email addresses.

Hill fix update information:

Mike, Kirk and Donn had a meeting June 24th where we discussed the potential language that we already received from two contractors interested in proposing hillside fixes. We decided to write a letter clarifying what we expect in documentation if we hire them. We will share this letter prior to mailing to get approval from all LCCO members.

Trash cans and collection for the PUC area:

Mike is talking to Caltrans about this issue. Discussion of location of can was discussed. It will not be placed by the Oren's home.

Round mirror for the PUC:

Mike is talking to Caltrans about this issue.

Heart defibrillators grant funding (Bridget):

To be discussed at next LCCO meeting.

Santa Barbara widening update:

Aaron will discuss this issue with Andy Shaeffer. Mike called Harrison Trash and they would charge about $2,600 to haul away the dirt. We will need to get permission from all property owners on Santa Barbara Ave, inside the fence, prior to removing the dirt.

Bulletin Board update:

Will be constructed and installed by Jack Oren and Mike Bell within the next month.

Garage sale follow up:

All agreed that the garage sale went very well. Future garage sales will be scheduled for the first weekend of May. Rescue Mission TO BE Scheduled NOW. Some residents want it to be a two day (Saturday & Sunday) event. More discussion on this topic will take place before the next sale. Garage sale brought in $510. BBQ cost $665.36. Toilets cost $200 and advertisement $57. LCCO Budget is $16,181.57.

Information to be included in the next Newsletter:

(County leash law, residents letter, Beach clean up schedule, recycle trailer usage, (etc.)


Aaron suggested that the LCCO place our logo on most documents we write

Street Captains Meeting:

It was suggested that we have a Street captains meeting once the residents letter is complete. We will schedule this meeting once the residents letter is ready to be distributed. Letter will include census form request and return address envelope addresses to mike Bell.

Dolphin Statue placement:

Mike will discuss this issue with Caltrans.

Beach Cleanup Day:

There will be a BEACH CLEANUP July 5th 2014 at 9AM

LCCO Fundraising:

It was suggested that the LCCO organize some fund raisers to get funds into the LCCO bank account for future projects. Will discuss at the next meeting.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
August 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM.
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