La Conchita kids - beach cleanup.
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Results of the beach cleanup.
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PUC parking issues:

County told Mike that there had to be issues before they could implement solutions. The issues are that fly fishermen park in front of Karen's, jet skiers park by PUC entrance and unload their jet skis, and take them thru tunnel to beach. Suggested fixes for PUC parking issue: Paint white line on hill side of Surfside and mark “residential parking only” inside lines. Post no parking signage on UP side of Surfside street that says, “no parking from 9 p.m. To 7 a.m.

Welcoming letter:

It was decided to re-write the welcoming letter, adding suggested items and have the Street Captains give a copy to all residents. Additionally give Street Captains a few copies of the letter to give new renters. Also include a census form and envelope with Mike's address for returning the census form.

Community Bulletin Board:

It was agreed to build a new bulletin board and install it by the UP fence in the center of town. Instructions for posting information will be included in the Residents Letter.

Communication with renters about community issues:

It was decided that the newsletter will be written and distributed every other month and this will give renters and owners current information. We need to get email addresses for residents for Kelly to be able to send all newsletters. Street Captains to get this info when distributing “residents Letter”.

PUC opening celebration:

Caltrans has not decided when to have the PUC dedication/opening.

Garage Sale:

The Garage sale will be May 31st (one day only) from 8 a.m. To 4 p.m. followed by the Community BBQ at Mike's garage. In the future, the Garage Sale will always be the first Saturday in May.

Speed Bump success:

The speed humps seem to be working very well. It was suggested to add more humps but decided to wait a few months before making this decision. Most likely in the vicinity of the PUC.

Hill fix update and discussion:

The Hill Fix Committee has talked to a few contractors about a lesser expensive hill fix. The contractors both gave a project price of $20,000 for a written estimate. The committee feels we need to go back to the contractors and tighten the contract language to make sure that we receive the documentation we need from them to move forward with a project.

School bus stop:

This has been a agenda item for a few years. It was decided that with the new house, behind the mailboxes, we should drop this item from the agenda and not build a bus stop bench.

Census information:

This issue will be handled via the Residents letter.

Ojai Ave. Street Captain:

Bridget Gankas will be the new Street Captain for Ojai street.


The LCCO Directors request that all dog owners follow the County Leash Law that reads:

“It is unlawful for any person to suffer or permit any dog owned, harbored, or controlled by him to be on any public street, alley, lane, park or place of whatever nature open to and used by the public in the unincorporated area of the County unless such dog is securely leashed and the leash is held continuously in the hands of a responsible person capable of controlling such dog.”

We have a lot of dogs in our community and not all of them get along. We ask that you respect the County Leash Law (ordinance 4461) and keep your dog on a leash when walking in town and thru the pedestrian tunnel to the beach. Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dog.

Trash cans for town and the PUC:

Trash cans in town are for mail trash and trash found on the street. Do not use these cans for your home trash! Caltrans is supposed to empty the beach trash cans once the project is completed. (Mike is in contact with Caltrans about this)

Beach clean up schedule:

There will be beach clean up days following all summer holidays and busy weekends. (LCCO will arrange).

Round mirror at PUC:

It is suggested that we have Caltrans install round mirrors at the Surfside PUC tunnel entrance and at the ocean side of the PUC exit. This is asafety issue! (Mike will contact Caltrans).

Pedestrian only sign at PUC, no bicycles:

The LCCO feels that bicycles should be left on the hill side of the PUC, by the bicycle stand, for the safety of all residents. The LCCO will search for signage that can be placed to instruct this policy. Additionally the LCCO feels that, on the ocean side of the PUC there should be placed signage to keep bicycle/skateboard riders from going past the PUC exit as this is a hazard to folks exiting the PUC. (Sue and Joan to research with Karen also helping.)

Heart defibrillators:

The LCCO decided to research and potentially purchase at least two of these devices. They will be stored in accessible locations and instruction will be provided to residents that want to learn the proper usage. (Donn to research and Bridget to look for grant funds to purchase for community).

Santa Barbara Avenue:

The LCCO agreed to make the restoration of Santa Barbara ave. a priority. The disposal of the dirt has been the blocking issue. We will research this dirt disposal issue and get this project started! (Annelle & Mike will research).

Neighborhood Watch:

Aaron and Mike put up Neighborhood watch signs a few weeks ago. Please remind your neighborhood residents of the security program.


Kelly Hill will be the new editor of the LCCO Newsletter. She will receive items on interest to the community and publish. Kelly's email address is

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