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Today’s meeting was held as a community wide meeting so that all residents and non resident homeowners could attend and hear what the LCCO has accomplished since the slide. Chairperson opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m. and did a brief recap of how our group was started. It is the first priority to fix the hill and that is the consensus of the LCCO. We need to stick together as a community, give the County the problem and the solution so they know what we want.

The Chairperson discussed the formation of LCCO, goals, selections of Street Captains and Committees and charitable efforts. The Street Captains were each introduced and asked to stand so everyone in the room could see who represented them on their street.

The Mission Statement is complete! Each resident/home owner received a copy in our recent mailing.

The main goal of the LCCO is making the town safe to live in. Once the hill is fixed however, the LCCO plans to remain an active organization and will go on to do beautification projects in the community like a children’s playground/park.

Members of the group who formed the Victims of La Conchita fund were introduced. They discussed all the fund raisers held for La Conchita and how much we appreciate all the neighboring communities are doing for us. It was explained how the Victims of La Conchita Fund was formed – all volunteers, no costs of any kind. There was a problem getting identification of residents from government agencies so it was decided to go through the registry at the Red Cross, and ask for help from LCCO and others in La Conchita to validate claims. Their mission statement explains how to make a request.

Hill Fix Committee – LCCO met with the Coastal Commission on March 4. The U.S. Geological Survey is out but not of much value. According to the survey, the hazard extends to the ocean. If so, we would like signs stating “You are entering a Geologic Hazard area” along Highway 101 and on the trains. Steve Bennett, Supervisor said the County has done nothing regarding grants to help La Conchita. Our Chairman will contact Lois Capps, U.S. Representative and see if we can get any help from her. Pedro Nava, Assemblyperson, attended the second meeting of the LCCO Street Representatives and was very positive. He invited us to Sacramento and said he would help with the Governor’s meeting and even offered his office to us.

Tech Committee –thanked all Street representatives for collecting the emergency contact information of all residents and reported on web site progress.

Finance – Finance Officer gave the Treasurer’s Report and said they are still working on the 5013C which gives our organization non profit status. The report is posted on the bulletin board monthly and shows donations and expenditures. Chairman mentioned that you can donate a portion of the proceeds you receive from the Victims Fund back to the LCCO and a form will be sent to everyone in the next mailing.

Legal – Team leader said we have 180 days to file a claim against the County. It is not a law suit. She made a point of not rushing into anything and making a snap decision. There have been law firms in the community. Some are good and some are not. We do not want to fragment but will get the most if we all join together. She suggested going to a real estate attorney for advice on individual mortgages. After calling at least 20 times she decided to send a letter with photos and that got their attention.

She explained a bit about SBA loans and suggested everyone register before the deadline which is April 5, 2005. You do not have to take the loan but by applying you will guarantee you have a choice if you decide to at a latter date. The SBA will help with relocation and curing your mortgages. The most you can apply for is $200,000 for each loan and the interest rate in most cases is 2.9% for 30 years.

Chairman suggested when working with FEMA that you call more than once. Different people are more experienced and may help when you were turned down.

He also suggested everyone turn in the Application of Calamity Tax Relief to the Assessor’s Office. This will notify the County of your loss.

Public Relations – Team Leader suggested that everyone keep writing letters. If you feel you need help editing send them to the PR group for assistance and or submission. You can drop letters in the mailbox next to the bulletin board on Surfside, or give to your street representatives. Call your street reps and keep in touch. One of the PR’s goals is to make people aware that our problem is shared by all the people of California and elsewhere. Fixing the hill will save our town and the major transportation corridor that runs in front of us therefore benefiting the entire state. This can be done by getting the word out, using bumper stickers, selling T-shirts, getting radio and TV coverage.

Chairman read and answered questions submitted by residents from the recent mailing. A question and answer session then followed and the meeting was over at 11:50 a.m.


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