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Beach cleanup.
Fixin' the 101 Highway.
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PR Team is drafting letter inviting all property owners and renters to full community meeting in Carpinteria on March 5th.

USGS report is published and may be viewed at their web site.

Finance Team reported possibility of sharing legal costs of real estate lawyer.

LCCO researched some of the funds set up to receive donations for families and victims of La Conchita. Most funds appear to be legitimate.

Legal Team reported that a law firm has approached residents. Legal Team commented that it is most important that the community stick together. If and when we decide to join a suit, due diligence in investigating the law firm must be used. We have 180 days to file a claim against the County. June 10th the last day to file is an important date for our organization. The hill fix is not likely to come from a law suit but funds derived from a law suit could finance research and support. Hill fix is not just a La Conchita concern. It is a County, Railroad, Caltrans, State and Federal issue.

Public Relations Team talked about need for continued letter writing to help people remember La Conchita. A German magazine recorded an interview with La Conchita residents on how the Governor was assisting our community. Team wanted to know why no sign has been posted on the 101 Highway warning travelers that they were entering a geological hazard area. Team contacted Supervisor about covering hill with plastic sheeting to prevent further erosion.

Hill Fix Team talking with geophysics firms about hill remediation. Cal Poly Pomona also approached about project.

Financial Team noted the need for donations for stamps, reprographics and working capitol. Establishing LCCO as a non-profit is necessary.

Tech Team has a good handle on the emergency phone list. Establishment of web site is progressing.

Next LCCO Meeting — Meeting of All Homeowners and Residents:
March 5, 2005.
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