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As a community, United we stand, divided the hill never gets fixed.

Jimmy Wallet and Isaiah Womack attended this meeting.

President Bush declared Ventura County available for FEMA assistance. Everyone should file to have your name on record. Also register with Red Cross

County committed to clean up trash on Vista Del Rincon, Ojai and Santa Barbara streets that was left by the rescue effort. Will happen within two weeks.

Residents requested a residents only sign posted at the entrance to La Conchita to keep the lookie loos out. LCCO will follow up with Public Works Dept.

Emergency evacuation was discussed. A committee will establish a policy to address this concern.

The Victims of La Conchita Fund was discussed. Fund was established by Carpinteria residents to aid La Conchita residents that FEMA and Red Cross could not help.

A full community meeting was requested so all La Conchita residents can be informed of the LCCO goals and workings. A full community meeting will be scheduled very soon.

Financial team reported need for renters hold harmless document that owners of rental units in La Conchita could use to inform renters of danger posed by geological hazard designation. Document provided by resident.

Mortgage information was provided by Financial Team.

1. Consult mortgage lawyer.

2. Contact mortgage firm directly.

3. If you intend to stop making mortgage payment to force mortgage company to negotiate in good faith, put aside mortgage money so that in future you can catch up payments if necessary.

4. Not paying mortgage payment will affect your credit rating.

5. Bankruptcy is last option. It was recommended that you consult with a tax consultant.

Draft of the LCCO Mission Statement was presented.

Tech Team discussed community phone list. All were asked to assist in making list complete. Completed list necessary for emergency situations. Tech
Team is trying to acquire domain name for LCCO.

PR Team is working on letter writing campaign.

Hill Fix Team reported talking to USGS about when La Conchita hill failure report would be available. Soon according to USGS. LCCO will be sent report when available.

Treasurer reported $240 in LCCO account.

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February 19, 2005.
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