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Assemblyman Pedro Nava attended this meeting. He stated he was impressed with our organization and its accomplishments thus far. Offered to assist in getting meeting with the Governor. Offered his Sacramento office as staging area for Governor visit. Mr. Nava said FEMA is first step in requesting funding for community and is confident that disaster declaritation will be made for La Conchita.

County road crews promised for Wednesday/Thursday to clean basin on Vista Del Rincon and plow the streets.

Street captains should get to know all residents on their streets so better communication between residents and LCCO can be accomplished.

Various individuals and organizations have shown interest in helping our community with services, funds or other types of assistance. Too early to know what assistance will be needed.

Many residents have asked about how to deal with their mortgage companies. A committee will look into this question.

A suggestion box and bulletin board have been installed in the center of town behind the mail boxes.

Suggestion were made for group projects:

• Town banners
• Investigative reporting
• Identy/image
• Soliciting outside help
• Letter writing campaign
• Website

Many other cities in County have severe damage. Show concern and understand we are not the only residents in County with damage.

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February 5, 2005.
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