Cars parked wrong - must be visitors!
Carpinteria Avenue - 2005.
La Conchita resident giving driving lessons.
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Initial conversation with Supervisor Steve Bennett:

Supervisor Bennett commented on wrecked car removal, providing security guards for two weeks and possibility of a temp bridge over rail road tracks.

Committee discussed with Bennett need for corporation between County and Community. LCCO will be pro-active on all matters involving our community.

Asked Bennett to request negative comments about La Conchita and its residents coming out of Government Center be stopped.

Informed Bennett that the LCCO will accept nothing short of the hill fixed and that we expected the County to assist us in this goal.

Informed Bennett that Caltrans and Union Pacific Railroad were impacted during debri-flow and they should be our and the County’s partner in the hill fix.

Bennett commented about County liability concerns.

Supervisor Bennett stated his support of the LCCO and our ideas.

Next LCCO Board Meeting:
January 22, 2005.
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