Another tough day in paradise.
Surfer Gal and her dog.
Wooden causeway looking toward La Conchita in 1914.
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Welcome to the website of the La Conchita Community Organization, a voluntary, IRC Section 501 (c) (3), group, dedicated to the improvement of the La Conchita area.

Originally a spur of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1880s and called Punta Gorda, the present village was laid out as a beach resort in 1924 and re-named La Conchita or “little shell.” Although the original scheme came to nothing, the lots were purchased by workers toiling in the nearby farms and oil fields, creating a multi-cultural mix, represented by the astounding diversity of La Conchita’s residents today.

The La Conchita Community Organization, or LCCO, coordinates resident projects, performs community maintenance, and interfaces with government officials. We are pleased to post the minutes resulting from the bi-monthly meetings of the LCCO Board—meetings which are open to community residents, and are held the first Monday evening of every other month.

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Hey, everyone!

Recycling of CRV deposit bottles.
Bring your beer, soda and water bottles to the LCCO Recycling Center on Surfside!
Next LCCO Board Meeting:
Monday, November 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
AGENDA FOR November 6, 2016
Report on Standing Items:

1. Budget

2. Dolphin statue installation - Update - Some of the petitions have been turned into Mike and Sue. They, with Mary Ellen with cross check with street roster to see how many more signatures are needed. The petitions and a letter will be sent to Steve Bennett by the end of August

3. Santa Barbara Street dirt removal

4. USGA grant information

5. Accessing our alleys - Update - Mike, Joan and Sue will write something to post on bulletin board

6. Invite Sheriffs to our board meeting - Aaron will invite sheriffs

7. Update on gas station

8. Camera
La Conchita Emergency Plan
La Conchita Butterfly Club
Minutes of the LCCO Board Meeting of June 13, 2016
LCCO Board Meeting Archives
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